McKenzie Drums


It’s been two years since I was able to offer a Carbon Fiber shelled drum... I’m happy to say that now we’re back in business offering any depth 14” shell you desire. Available as raw shells or built out drums.

These shells are light, thin, and extremely strong. I

think you’ll find the sound to be the best of both a

metal shell and a wood shell. Very punchy with

a warm tone and almost sounds like it’s been EQ’d

already. Over all a very versatile sound that you can

adjust with various hoops and head combinations to

suit just about any need.

Pricing starts at $150 shipped in the US for up to a

6.5” tall shell. Email me if you need a quote and

discounts are available for orders of 3 or more for

those of you that build.

-Tim McKenzie

PS: If you’re interested in learning to build your own drums... Check out By far the best resource on the internet for aspiring builders!


Carbon Fiber is BACK!

Featured photos: Retro Carbon Fiber with Mag Hoops, 14 x 6.5 Rare Blue Pond Myrtle Steambent Snare

Expanding Carbon Fiber Sizes


The mould is in progress for the 13” shells and I’ll be offering up other sizes within a few months as well. Goal is by Chicago show you can own a McKenzie Drums CF kit or build yourself a kit from my original thin shells. There’s some knock offs becoming available soon but wait for the original and you won’t be disappointed!

Colored Carbon Kevlar

Same sound... new colors.

I’m now able to offer carbon/kevlar outer weaves to the line up of carbon fiber shells to add a little color into the mix. Colors include blue, red, green, orange, and yellow.